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Gonzaga Law Review published Attorney Newbill’s article titled Violating Free Speech in the War on Opioid Addiction: The Washington Legislature’s Voice in the Doctor’s Office, wherein he examines how a Washington state regulation violates physicians’ First Amendment right to free speech, which includes the right not to speak.  The regulation requires physicians to obtain permission from their patients to contact law enforcement if they believe their patient is engaging in “illegal activity.”  Aside from the intrusion on the doctor-patient relationship, such requirement could be considered compelled speech in violation of physicians’ First Amendment rights.

In A Nurse’s Face: The Burqa in the Hospital, published in the North Carolina Central Law Review, Attorney Newbill explores discrimination and religious freedom in one of the most sensitive of work environments: The hospital.  Relying on scientific studies, Attorney Newbill makes the case that a hospital would not have to accommodate the wearing of a burqa under federal anti-discrimination law, but that a nurse may rely on her state’s religious freedom laws to pursue a career in nursing while remaining steadfast to her religious beliefs.

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